Kingston, Ontario Firefighter

Submitted byTracy Killoran

I was a Volunteer Firefighter for 12 years, starting in 1995 until September 9th, 2007. That last day in Kingston I got a pager call to attend a call for help. On our way to the call I was in the fire truck and it went to a corner and it turned. The door beside me opened and since I was giving the back seats firefighters radios I didn’t see it open so I fell out of the truck and hit the road with me hand and head.

From that accident I got a brain injury and d-gloved my hand, the doctors told my family that I wasn’t going to make it and after that I couldn’t walk or talk. The Kingston doctors have helped me a lot for my recovery as I’m about 90% recovered. I’m a fighter so now I can walk and talk as I’m Kingston Miracle and I love my job as a firefighter to help and save people. I want to go back to the job so badly but we are not sure if I can make it there, I keep praying and hoping.

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