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Dec. 18th, 2010 in Lower Onslow, NS we were having our annual Christmas baking day when the pagers in the house started going off. 911 call, my dad is the assistance chief of the Lower Onslow Fire Brigade and pride’s himself on being first to the hall for every call therefore he was off. My brother in law a newer member was off in a hurry as well. This was a medical call. A man who was shingling his roof on this icy winter’s day had fallen off and they called 911 to get him to the hospital. The fire brigade medical team swang into action, got him collared and boarded with the help of the paramedics and he was off to the hospital with sirens. Now, most would think that the “hero’s” job’s were done by not my dad. He saw an unfinished roof 7 days before xmas, with a guy that likely had a bummed up leg and would be unable to finish it. So, when I called an hour or two later to find out if he was coming home to try any of our baking he says, “Yup, just finished shingling this guys roof and I’ll be home soon!” Such a nice story that my dad would never tell and such a coincidence that Sons of Maxwell played last night at the Marigold Centre in Truro for me to enjoy and hear about this website!

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  1. Emma and Ava says:

    Such a nice story to read!! We see John everyday and are proud to know him! He is so kind and would help a stranger or a friend!
    Thanks John

  2. Emma and Ava says:

    What a great story…we see John every day and think a lot of him! He is a special person that would do anything for a stranger or anyone that knows him and this story shows that!!
    Thanks John

  3. Shannon Wolfe says:

    John McKay has gone beyond the call of duty time and time again. He never looks for recognition and yet he absolutely deserves it. He personifies ‘hero’ in every way and in every facet of his life! I consider myself privileged to know and love John!

  4. Jeff says:

    That’s an awesome story, and doesn’t surprise me at all. Uncle John seems to be content just doing good deeds for others. He’s been a yogi all along 🙂

  5. Gyl Stevens says:

    Wow,what a heart warming story…I drive by the fire hall alot and always see John’s truck, he puts alot into the volunteer work he does and then some, the community should be proud to have such a man.Hat’s off to John!

  6. Kaelan and Ryan Bakker says:

    We are proud to know John and thank him for helping to keep our community safe! We would vote for him 100 times if we could. Go, John, Go!

  7. Jennifer says:

    The Onslow Belmont Fire Brigade is 100% volunteer and Dad puts countless hours making sure there is a functioning fire response team in our area! If it weren’t for these volunteers, the response time for emergencies in our area would be quite a long time (and in emergencies, every second counts!). Thanks again Dad and all the volunteers at OBFB for providing such a valuable service! Then they go and add “finishing a roof” to their responsibilities just to prove what a genuinely kind person he is!!! WOW!! Amazing man and proud to call him my DAD too!!!

  8. Lisa MacNutt says:

    He has been a hero to many people in many ways over the years. We’re very proud to call him our “Uncle John”!

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