EMD/Ambulance Paramedic’s Save Life

Submitted by: Brenda Dutchak 

On Dec. 10th we were having a busy day in the AMBULANCE COMMUNICATIONS CENTER, when we received a call for a 72 year old male on the street that was unconscious, not breathing. The caller did not know this man but called for help, as the Emergency Medical Dispatcher went through her interrogation, she quickly realized that this man was in fact not breathing, the caller stated he did not know how to do CPR, the Emergency Medical Dispatcher was not worried she knew she would be able to talk the caller through all the correct steps.

Her dispatcher sent out the AMBULANCE, as the EMD talked the caller through CPR, once the Paramedic’s arrived they took over doing CPR and did in fact bring this man back to life. We are proud to say that this gentleman is still alive today, why because of the stranger doing the right thing and calling for help, the Emergency Medical Dispatcher talking the caller through CPR, the Paramedic’s that arrived on scene within minutes and taking over CPR and rushing the patient to the hospital.

The hero’s in this story are the Stranger, the Emergency Medical Dispatcher, and of course the Ambulance Paramedic’s.

We so often forget about the Ambulance Paramedic’s and the Emergency Medical Dispatchers that are also real HERO’S.

Yes the fire fighters and police do a great job, but people forget (like your song Dave) there are also the Ambulance Personnel out in the Emergency Services world as well and no one gives them or makes a song about them. Very, very sad.

Thanks for reading about some real hero’s.

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  1. Deborrah Borden says:

    That stranger was very kind to stop and help someone they knew nothing about. That is what God wants us all to do, stop and lend a helping hand,be kind,forgiving, and always trying to help others.

  2. Dave Carroll says:

    Thanks for submitting the story but as I’ve mentioned already EMT’s are in the video and are far from forgotten in the message. The song shines a light on First Responders by focusing on only two aspects to drive home the point but we were careful to include two other contributors (EMTs and Dispatch) in the video. If anything it’s Dispatchers who are most often not included as valued First Responders.

    Thanks again though. Dave

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