Everyday Hero Rewarded – Dave Carroll announces recipient of trip to Punta Cana with Sons of Maxwell

Dave Carroll is proud to announce that the recipient of the trip for two to Punta Cana with Sons of Maxwell is Kyle Stewart of Shallow Lake, ON. Kyle is a full time Nurse, a part time Paramedic and a Volunteer Fire Fighter.

In 2010 Carroll released a music video, ‘Everyday Heroes’ honouring First Responders at their best and demonstrating the promises made by these individuals to answer calls for help. He also created a website, 911Song.com, as place for First Responders, their friends and family and the people who may have benefited from the assistance of a First Responder, to join in community.

Individuals were invited to share their own ‘Everyday Hero’ stories on 911Song.com and in partnership with CAA and Transat Holidays, an award was created to recognize a deserving First Responder with a trip for two to Punta Cana. Kyle’s Mother, Georgine Stewart-Malone submitted the winning story titled ‘My Hero, My Son’ and was among many submissions to the site.

Says Dave: “Congratulations to Kyle for earning the trip with Sons of Maxwell to the Dominican Republic. Based on the moving submission made by his mother and my conversation with him on the phone, I’m convinced Kyle embodies the spirit and integrity behind the First Responder community. A nurse, a paramedic, and volunteer fire fighter; 911 is this guys home phone number!”

Georgine’s story about Kyle, ‘My Hero, My Son,’ can be read at: http://www.davecarrollmusic.com/2010/10/my-hero-my-son/

Individuals interested in joining Sons of Maxwell in Punta Cana this April, are welcome contact CAA for booking details at 1-800-561-8807.

Media Contact: Dave Carroll Music: (902) 860-0080 (Office)

Photo credit: Photos (c) Georgine Stewart-Malone

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