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I’m a firefighter and I don’t much like the word hero, it’s kind of a big word to live up to, we don’t have good results more times than we have good results. I would like to say thought that over 75% of firefighters in North America don’t make a living doing this job. Call us volunteers, call us paid on call, call us whatever you want we bleed the same color of the paid responders.

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  1. Kaity says:

    You make a great point Perry. Before I entered the emergency services field I had no idea how many of my peers go to their day jobs to bring home the pay cheque that supports their families while always remaining alert to the tone of the radio, or the pager. Regardless of what they are drawn away from, work, family or ever sleep, I never hear a word of complaint from any of them. As someone new to this business thanks to those who have paved the way, and who continue to be available to be called on anytime, anywhere, day or night.

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