Everyday Heroes are Modest, as well.

Name of Hero: Mark and Janet McLean

Hero City: Saint John, NB

Submitted by: Lorna Hargrove

My brother, Mark, is a nurse and worked for a few years at a small rural hospital in Sussex, NB (about 45 mins from our home town). Several years later, I took my daughter for surgery there and happened to mention to the nurse that my brother had spent a few years working there. When I told her his name, she responded that he was “her everything.”

Apparently, several years before, her son had been severly injured in a motorcycle accident and my brother and his wife, Janet, also a nurse, were the first ones on the scene. They watched the bike careen off the road and called for help. She said that because of their quick response and care at the scene, her son was alive and had minimal longterm injuries.

Mark and Janet had never mentioned the incident to us. Everyday Heroes are modest, as well.

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