Once an EMT always an EMT

Name of Hero: Bob Walton

Hero City: Merck, Lansdale

Submitted by: Heather Hofbauer

My husband was at work sitting at his desk talking with Bob Walton (EMT), in mid sentence my husband’s head fell back and he slumped in his chair. Bob immediately pulled him to the floor and started CPR, my husband went into sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 38.

There were two other individuals working on the floor which he directed for help. Neither had any training. Fortunately 2 other EMT’s had just arrived to work. Bob performed CPR for 10 minutes an AED was brought to the scene my husband was in V-Fib. They shocked him… Nothing, another 2 minutes of CPR was performed at this point my husband came around, how no one knows.

Twenty minutes later he was being loaded into the ambulance when he opened his eyes and started talking. He has no brain damage, he is perfectly fine and was back to work in a week. He now has a pacemaker/ Defibulator.

I can not thank Bob enough for his quick acting and saving my husband/ best friend and my boys father (age 5 and age 1).

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  1. Michael Blackmon says:

    Wonderful story. The fact that someone with CPR training was immediately available and the rapid availability of an Automatic Defibrillator were the reasons your husband survived. It was indeed a blessing that he had such a rapid recovery. May your family continue to be blessed beyond belief…DocFROG
    (Doc Fully Relying On God)

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