So Thankful

Name of Hero: Brent and the Whitney Volunteers

Hero City: Porcupine Ontario

Submitted by: Lesly-Ann Humphrey

I had to call 911 for my husband. By mistake the dispatcher said a 58 yearold not responding. Brent, thinking at that age it could be my dad and he came right to the house. Man, in seconds he was working on my husband.

Our bed was in the closet and my husband’s needs were being met.  Brent didn’t stop there, when the question went out, “Who is driving Les?” he said immediately, “I am.” As we drove his compassion shone through as he said we have the ambulance in sight. Then went on to assure me I had done everything I could.

His professionalism, his compassion, his ability just radiated. On top of being there for me, he came to our home just in case my children who live out of town had any questions.  That goes way beyond the call of duty. BUT trust me, we will never forget how quickly Whitney responded to our needs.

Special folk in a special place.

Thank God for each and everyone of our everyday HEROES.

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