My Grandmother

Name of Hero: Carrie-Beth Pearl Gochie

Hero City: Limerick,Maine

Submitted by: Carrie-Beth Pearl Gochie

I had to call 911 for my Grandma. She fell and broke her hip. I found her on the floor. I ran out the to get my Grandpo. I told him that Esther is on the floor. I ran back inside with my Grandpa. He trid to move her.

She told us that she had been on the floor for three hours. She said to call my mom and dad. I went to call 911. I told the dispatch all the info that the rescuers need to get here fast.

The first rescuer was her.

I told them that she been on the floor for three hours. Then the ambulance got her. The rescuer lift her up on the bed. She when to Goodall hospital. When I got in the hospital the rescuer gave me a word for saving my grandma.