Toomsuba/alamucha Hero

Name of Hero: Larry Gressett Sr.

Hero City: Toomsuba

Submitted by: Jimmy feeley

On February 17 2011, our hero Larry Gressett Sr. With the Toomsuba/Alamucha Volunteer Fire Department, Toomsuba MS. Was attempting to save another human beings life. He dove into frigid waters with no selfish thought of any kind, and ended up losing his own life. He was a great person and a great father figure to his soon to be step sons, Alec and Anthony. This man showed what a true hero he was and also showed that you don’t have to know someone to try and save them.

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  1. Chris Willoughby says:

    My heart goes out to your fire department, community, and of course, the family he left behind. Being in an area where ice and cold water rescue is something we respond to, I understand the risk involved with this type of rescue and how quickly things can go wrong. Again, deepest sympathy and prayers.

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