Unseen Heros


Name of Hero: Coweta County E-911

Hero City: Newnan

Submitted by: Dustin Buckner

Everyday I work with a group of heros. These selfless men and women show up and work 12 hour shifts, 365 days of the year. They work around the clock standing by in case they are needed. never hesitating when that phone rings. They train constantly to be at the top of their profession.


They come in sick, leave their kids and loved ones on special occasions and do whatever it takes to protect the safety and lives of everyone in this county as well as anyone passing through. They are:

Cathy Hunter, Rickey Newell, Cyndi Otero, Stefanie Kennedy, Lekisha Hitchcock, Toby Nix, Ronie Bowers, Miranda Horton, Omar Flores, Shelly Westra, Denise Madrey, Dustin L. Buckner, Tiffany Abernathy, Tracey Jakobsen, Kristi McCarty, Rebecca Owens, Marie Imhoff, Erica Waters, Chris Cohran, Jennifer Cunningham, Brayon Wesson, Carla Fife, Felicia Bridgette, Eric Green, Amanda Payne, Tina Parker, Ann King, Christine Freeman, Stephanie Shorter, Kayla Markward, Lisa Carter, Mendi Ashley, Holly Vance, Angel Labeau, Chaka Green, Kymer Walker, Mandy Branton, Chris Decker, Trixie Edwards

Director Arlene Whisenhunt
CAD Manager Jerry Bass
911 Coordinator Vicke Gunnin

They serve so that others may live

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