The Silent Heroes


Hero City: Tacloban City

Submitted by: Ronald Madera

DELTA Volunteer is composed of volunteer firefighters and medical first responders in the City of Tacloban, Philippines. It is an organization who had been in service to the community for almost five years. Its equipment of donated by few generous individuals. Standard trainings and drills are observed by the group. Its members do not receive any single cent from the organization. They does it with the real meaning of a volunteers. Its volunteers are professionals such as teacher, accountant, police. Likewise, there are also students. The association is on operation for 24/7. They do the job for love of service. Call them and they for sure there they will be where they need. They stand by its motto: “We’re there when needed because every second counts”. They continue to strive for more equipment despite of its limited resources. However, despite of its limited resources, it is the most often called responder. Many lives had been saved, many properties had bee saved too.

My salute to all the volunteer fire fighters and medical first responders.


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