The man in the Doorway

Name of Hero: Lt. Tops

Hero City: Tallahassee

Submitted by: James

When I was a kid my brother was cooking our dinner. Unfortunately for me I had fallen asleep in the bedroom and would not be able to eat. Suddenly I woke up and smelled smoke, when I went to the door I could not open it because the doorknob was so hot. Being on the second floor of our house I could not escape through the window. As I was only 7 I couldn’t do anything other than sit on my bed scared out of my mind. What seemed like an eternity passed before the door caught fire and started burning. At this time I was choked with smoke and was about to pass out when I saw him in the doorway. I remember him picking me up and slinging me over his shoulder as he ran me out of the house and went back in to see if there was anyone else inside.

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