Transformation in Digital Social Media

We live in transformational times and nowhere is this more apparent than in the worlds of digital and social media. The last few years have seen a revolution in the way we communicate and any one person in the world can now have an amplified voice. The question I was asked is “what is the future of digital and social media”. I think the answer can be summed up like this: The future IS digital and social media!

The ability to share music, the written word and video online, coupled with our ability to access that material anywhere and all the time, has changed not only how we communicate but the value we place on that material. With regards to traditional media, the old standard involved media companies or PR departments controlling a single message and broadcasting it to the masses. To be heard you needed advertising dollars and the people with the biggest budgets could have the most influence over the people who received the messages. That influence gave an advantage to a relative few through TV, magazine and billboard ads for example.

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