The local heros

Name of Hero: LaSalle Police, EMS And fire station

Hero City: LaSalle, On

Submitted by: Mackenzie

The men and women of the LaSalle Police, EMS And Fire Department are the most bravest, caring and selfless people I know.

To my boys at The Fire Dept, thank you so much for putting it all on the line to keep us safe. I mean you too Daddy.

To the Police, thank you for always knowing what to do, for responding to calls no matter what and for never ever giving up.

To the EMS, thank you for always getting there at the right time and for being there to save a life.

These people are the ones I’m proud to say I know. And I’m glad they are the ones protecting my town and my family.

I’m especially proud of my father, training officer and full time firefighter. Thank you all of you for guaranteeing our safety and for keeping us safe.

– Kenzie M