My daddy is my hero

Name of Hero: Ryan Moore

Hero City: LaSalle Ontario

Submitted by: Mackenzie Moore

My Daddy is a firefighter and he’s also my hero.

There was a fire in the forest on the edge of our street. Someone had been high and had lit an old log on fire. It was spreading.

My neighbor had ran to our door and started knocking. My mom answered and my neighbor began saying that the forest had caught fire.

I was scared as I ran outside and followed her to the site. My mom called my dad and soon the fire dept was there. My dad is one of the bravest men I have ever met and I am very proud of him. He has served as a fire fighter since I can remember. He deserves to be recognized for his heroism and bravery. He means the world to me and he protects not only us but all the people in our town. I love you Daddy. <3