The day that started it all

Name of Hero: Bothell Fire and EMS

Hero City: Bothell, WA

Submitted by: Kelly

Since my full time job was “taxi mom” in May of 2008, I was driving a friend of my daughter’s home. Unfortunately a 19 year old was racing another car and we both pick the same spot to be in at the same time. Since he was going almost double the speed limit and I was making a much slower than the speed limit left turn in front of him, the front end of his car plowed into the door 6″ to my left.

Thank God my daughter wasn’t with us and her friend only broke her ankle. I, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. Bothell Fire & EMS showed up and pulled out my barely alive body then kept it alive until they got me to the ER.

About year later my family threw a thank you party for everyone that surrounded our family with support to get us through that year. Some of the amazing people that saved my life came to that party!

A couple of us asked them how they got me out of my van, and when I heard what they had to do, I realized just how amazing these people are.

This is a video of that party with some of the heroes from Bothell Fire & EMS, and the van they found and had to get me out of is at the beginning:

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