Firefighter Blood In His Veins!

Name of Hero: Timothy (Tim)

Hero City: Wiggins

Submitted by: Kerrie

Tim is a hard working man who has devoted his time and strength to protecting his community. He is a volunteer firefighter and has made more calls than half the other volunteers.

He is willing to get up at one in the morning and go on a call. He has performed extraction by himself before and has received several different awards. He has been a volunteer firefighter for three years going on four in August. He has helped out the surrounding fire departments when they needed assistance.

Tim wants to be part of the Smoke jumper team someday. I know there are several people that risk their lives everyday; EMTs, Soilders, firefighters, and police people and I truly appreciate everything they do but I love Tim and I want to honor him and everything he has done for the community and everything he stands for! I love you babe and I know I don’t always say it but thank you! 🙂