Car Jack Avoided

Name of Hero: Gregory Patrick

Hero City: Memphis, TN

Submitted by: Mary McKim

Several years before he became a Memphis Police Officer, Gregory Patrick was a college student and part-time martial arts instructor. On his way home one afternoon he saw a woman from Germantown being car jacked right in front of him.

The car jacker was armed and scared because he was running from the scene of a crime one short block away. While the would-be car jacker got the car, Greg was able to talk the car jacker into letting Greg get the woman out of the car and keep her safe. The car-jacker got away with the car, which was later recovered in another state but a nice senior citizen (the woman) was saved from what was shaping up to be a very dire and dangerous situation. She was protected all because Greg came to her rescue.

Greg made a conscious choice to stop the violence and defuse the situation and was able to talk the guy down and make the rescue without placing others at risk. He was amazing and deserves to be recognized. You can contact him through the Memphis Police Department. He and his wife have four (4) children and several grandchildren. Fine people and strong members of the community. Please give them recognition. They deserve it.

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