Veins of Fire

Name of Hero: Scott Ramsey

Hero City: Trinidad, TX

Submitted by: AOTC Crew

We just wanted to take a second and tell you about a minister, volunteer firefighter, cancer survivor and best friend to many! And even dad figure to many teens.
Scott is 27 years old and started ministry at 17 and by age 20 owner of Army of the CROSS ministry. He helps teens in there hardship walk of this world and has been a father figure to us all who don’t have one!
Now on to volunteer firefighter; Scott joined the Trinidad Volunteer Fire Department right out of high school in 2005. See he has been a firefighter and medical to many and even teaches us cpr and first aid to keep others safe! We have seen him inter house fires, cut people out of cars and heard stories of leaving many parties to help the ones in need.
But see, we called this Veins of Fire not just because he has a heart to serve but because in 2010 our best friend was diagnosed with a type of leukemia in his blood. Even after diagnosis and being told the cancer is incurablehe continued to keep other first in his life. With the chemo and all the pain he fights he continued to be there for us teens and for the fire department.

Today he continues to fight the fight of cancer years into it and is strong member of TVFD and minister to all, so let us just say thanks for all you do!


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  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for your song brother. I didn’t even know this was written till I was shown. I had a great set of students. I have beat the Cancer and not 100% healthy but still fighting. 7 years of Chemo but still also Firefighter going on 13 years. This song has done a lot to help keep me going. God Bless you Brother!!!

  2. Dave Carter says:

    This is such an amazing story. I lost my brother to cancer and He was also a hometown hero on his fire department. Continue the fight! I am a Police but this Blue has your 6 brother.

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