Air Canada Dropping the Ball (and our luggage)

Air Canada Dropping the Ball (and our luggage) Last week Air Canada was thrown into crisis mode when a passenger caught AC baggage handlers on video dropping luggage from the top of an outdoor staircase to a luggage trailer 20 feet below. Rather than walking the bags down the stairs, as one would hope,


My John Of God Experience

My John Of God Experience By Dave Carroll A couple of months ago I met a friend at O’Hare Airport and the conversation turned to a mention of an internationally known healer from Brazil named John of God. I had heard of him initially through a personal healing experience author Wayne Dyer shared at a

Kid shouting into microphone

Gripe of the Week: Party Expert, No Expert on Customer Service

This installment of our Gripe of the Week is an excellent example of how to effectively share your complaint in a way likely to get the attention of both consumers and the company in question. By being creative, your chances of resolving your gripe increase greatly. This week’s complaint is from a man in Quebec,

5 tips for delivering a killer presentation

I’m still fairly new to the speaking profession, having never delivered a speech or presentation until a few months after my YouTube video “United Breaks Guitars” went viral. I recall being asked to present my first ever keynote at a Right Now Technologies event in Colorado Springs to 700 North American brands — with just

Pocket watch in hand

Responding in Real-Time

(Originally published in “Managing Issues – CFM Public Affairs blog”) It took four minutes for daredevil Felix Baumgartner to hurtle 129,000 miles from the edge of space to earth. It can take far less time for a video to go viral over the worldwide web. United Airlines learned that speed lesson the hard way. On

Dave Carroll to receive the 2012 A.D. Dunton Alumni Award of Distinction at CD Release Concert in Ottawa

(Halifax, NS) Dave Carroll is thrilled to announce that his Alma mater Carleton University has awarded him the 2012 A. D. Dunton Alumni Award of Distinction. Dave Carroll is the only musician to have received the A. D. Dunton Alumni Award. The university will be honouring Dave with their highest alumni honour at Dave’s CD

How social media made us all statistically significant

I wasn’t the first person abused by an airline’s customer service. But I was one of the first to show how one person, armed with creativity, some friends, $150, and the Internet, could turn an entire industry upside down (if you don’t remember my story, check out United Breaks Guitars). The reaction to my airline experience

Transformation in Digital Social Media

We live in transformational times and nowhere is this more apparent than in the worlds of digital and social media. The last few years have seen a revolution in the way we communicate and any one person in the world can now have an amplified voice. The question I was asked is “what is the

New CD: Raincoat In Vegas

Hi Everyone, I’ve just arrived in Toronto, Ontario for a series of events to support my new album“Raincoat In Vegas.” I’ve brought with me Mike Hiltz on bass, Chris Iannetti on guitar and Scott Ferguson on drums. We’re so excited about the new album, that we’ve decided to include all Canadians and anyone with a satellite TV

My experience at Austria’s Hotel Jagdhof

As a keynote speaker one of the things I enjoy most about sharing my thoughts about customer service, social media and branding is the variety of the locations I’m invited to speak. I’ve now given my presentation in Mexico, across North America, London, Glasgow, Prague, Siberia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in Australia