Timmins #9

Name of Hero: All firefighters and first responders at this fire

Hero City: Timmins and area, British Columbia and more

Submitted by: Sybil Diana

The Timmins #9 fire is the largest burning forest fire in Canada at this time. All of the combined firefighters from our area and out of province have been battling this fiery monster for a full week now. They have saved over 200 structures at various camp sites and kept our city of Timmins safe.

(((((HUGS)))) to all firefighters and first responders!!!! They have been working long hours under extreme conditions trying to get a handle on this vicious fire. High temperatures and high winds have been hampering their progress everyday up until this weekend when the wind finally changed and the temperature dropped. There is no telling what kind of destruction we would be facing if it weren’t for all the dedicated people out their right now risking their lives to save ours.

There aren’t enough words to show how much they are appreciated!!!

My Hero

Name of Hero: Melissa M. Pridgen

Hero City: Jacksonville, AR

Submitted by: Deborah

May 24, 2012 My Hero…..by Deborah Rossi

My daughter joined the Air Force right out of High School, imagine that! My daughter the night owl – I still remember telling her “Um hon, you do know that they get up at the crack of dawn, hello”. She is and forever will be the light of my life!

Dasia 5 and Gino 3 are raised with an iron fist but also with unbelievable amounts of TLC. And, as if my daughter doesn’t have enough on her plate, she continues her education in the hopes of securing her degree in psychology to help military families out in their time of need.

Blessed with an angel’s voice she also donates her time to singing the National Anthem for American Legions, Military functions, Retirements and; actually to anyone else that asks her to do so – her heart as big as the sacrifices she makes every day keeping our country safe. I could never, in a million lifetimes be more proud.

Melissa has also had to face adversity although she also has many accomplishments. A few years back she learned that she was being deployed to Quattar. Unlike previous deployments assigned, this particular deployment was like a dagger through her heart tugging at her mom heart strings and there was no way that pain was ever going to subside. No, this deployment meant she would be unable to be home for Gino’s 1st birthday, and his first Christmas. In addition to that, there was the heartbreak of also being away from Dasia. I was sure this deployment would do nothing more but crush her. Yet, somehow she found the courage and the strength to successfully complete her TDY – unbelievable and quite remarkable as I say proudly – Yes, this is my daughter Melissa!!

Melissa has dedicated 15+ years to the USAF giving herself unconditionally to all that enter and yes, even the ones that will be entering, into her life. I have no doubt that every life she touches her warmth, love and understanding will never be easily forgotten. She is genuine, compassionate, and loyal to all that have the pleasure of knowing her and I wholeheartedly believe that it is the AF that is very lucky to have her!!

So yes, I am quite thankful (and blessed) to have and be a part of, Melissa, Dasia, and Gino for they shine brighter than any star I have seen thus far!!

Deborah Rossi proud mother of Melissa M. Pridgen, TSgt, USAF,Executive Assistant 314th Airlift Wing Command Chief Knowledge Operations, Little Rock AFB 72099

My Captain My Hero

Name of Hero: Captain Hamaka

Hero City: Algerie , Alger

Submitted by: Adjudant Abdou

Very Nice song man ,

I am a old firefighter from Alegerie ,
I just want to salutes a great my Captain who saved my life from a gaz explosions. We was at a House that was showing smoke , its was my second reponds , I runned to a door and tried to open it ,when I put my hand on the wrist to open the door,The Captain just jumps on me and moves me away from the door at the right time.Because behind us a large explosion comes out of the door that I opened.

I will never forget you man

RIP Captain

A Family Hero

Hero City: Small Town in Arkansas

Submitted by: Rusty

A small town Volunteer Fire Dept with only 12 people. I’m watching out my bedroom window waiting for my uncle to come in from a fishing trip from Missouri. My fire radio starts sounding. Our Firefighters got a call to go out to a 1 MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) I hope in my truck and head to the scene. I look in the bottom of the ravine. There was my uncle car. Me and other firefighters looked the situation over he was trapped. We got the jaws from our rescue vehicle and we cut the door open and got him out. While we was pulling him back to the highway I heard my fire chiefs wife over the radio telling dispatch we got the patient out of the car. I dont know bout you guys but that really made me feel like a hero.


Name of Hero: but one of many

Hero City: Germany/Frankfurt

Submitted by: but one of many

thanks for your Song, I’m a volunteer of the German Emergency Medical Service.

This kind of Music is a great Motivation for us. The Job is hard, but importend. We have our Jobs, our live but in our freetime we go and help People.

Thanks to you and to all peers, all over the World, for ther Work.

A good Team


Name of Hero: Voluntary Firefighters Wolfratshausen

Hero City: Wolfratshausen, Germany

Submitted by: Florian Heiligensetzer

First I’m a Firefighter, too, so I was for four years member of the Fire Brigade in Wolfratshausen. I had much of training and some serious situations there.
But the other firefighters looked after me, so I felt allways safe.


So I want to say thank you to the firefighters of Wolfratshausen in Bavaria.

my very own heros…

Name of Hero: Berea fire department

Hero City: greenville sc

Submitted by: kelly Stoddard

It has been many years ago now as my son is 22. Had it not been for the fire department responding as first response…  Thanks to Mr Jake Trotter, a close friend whom in which I trusted him and his wife to watch my child if my mother couldn’t. Kody was 10 months old when we found him completely unresponsive and blue. No heart beat, no respiratory signs, nothing… How he had been that long was unknown. This was 3am. They saved his life.
I am also lucky enough to say….. I have 2 uncle retired from the Fire Department one federal fire department, one parker fire department Greenville, SC. A brother active Donaldson center fire department. And last but not least makes me most proud my 15 yr old he is an explorer for Greer city fire, and Greenville county EMS. Sleeps and and breaths this stuff and always puts a memorial up for EVERY fallen brother on his facebook page.


The Silent Heroes


Hero City: Tacloban City

Submitted by: Ronald Madera

DELTA Volunteer is composed of volunteer firefighters and medical first responders in the City of Tacloban, Philippines. It is an organization who had been in service to the community for almost five years. Its equipment of donated by few generous individuals. Standard trainings and drills are observed by the group. Its members do not receive any single cent from the organization. They does it with the real meaning of a volunteers. Its volunteers are professionals such as teacher, accountant, police. Likewise, there are also students. The association is on operation for 24/7. They do the job for love of service. Call them and they for sure there they will be where they need. They stand by its motto: “We’re there when needed because every second counts”. They continue to strive for more equipment despite of its limited resources. However, despite of its limited resources, it is the most often called responder. Many lives had been saved, many properties had bee saved too.

My salute to all the volunteer fire fighters and medical first responders.


Unseen Heros


Name of Hero: Coweta County E-911

Hero City: Newnan

Submitted by: Dustin Buckner

Everyday I work with a group of heros. These selfless men and women show up and work 12 hour shifts, 365 days of the year. They work around the clock standing by in case they are needed. never hesitating when that phone rings. They train constantly to be at the top of their profession.


They come in sick, leave their kids and loved ones on special occasions and do whatever it takes to protect the safety and lives of everyone in this county as well as anyone passing through. They are:

Cathy Hunter, Rickey Newell, Cyndi Otero, Stefanie Kennedy, Lekisha Hitchcock, Toby Nix, Ronie Bowers, Miranda Horton, Omar Flores, Shelly Westra, Denise Madrey, Dustin L. Buckner, Tiffany Abernathy, Tracey Jakobsen, Kristi McCarty, Rebecca Owens, Marie Imhoff, Erica Waters, Chris Cohran, Jennifer Cunningham, Brayon Wesson, Carla Fife, Felicia Bridgette, Eric Green, Amanda Payne, Tina Parker, Ann King, Christine Freeman, Stephanie Shorter, Kayla Markward, Lisa Carter, Mendi Ashley, Holly Vance, Angel Labeau, Chaka Green, Kymer Walker, Mandy Branton, Chris Decker, Trixie Edwards

Director Arlene Whisenhunt
CAD Manager Jerry Bass
911 Coordinator Vicke Gunnin

They serve so that others may live

Toomsuba/alamucha Hero

Name of Hero: Larry Gressett Sr.

Hero City: Toomsuba

Submitted by: Jimmy feeley

On February 17 2011, our hero Larry Gressett Sr. With the Toomsuba/Alamucha Volunteer Fire Department, Toomsuba MS. Was attempting to save another human beings life. He dove into frigid waters with no selfish thought of any kind, and ended up losing his own life. He was a great person and a great father figure to his soon to be step sons, Alec and Anthony. This man showed what a true hero he was and also showed that you don’t have to know someone to try and save them.